Step-By-Step Installation Process


Attach the Velcro straps at the bottom of the MotoJug bag to your Rear Passenger Footpegs. The Velcro straps are going to be long. You can cut them or leave them it doesn't matter as long as they are attached to the Footpeg.


Attach one of the Top Loops from the bag to somewhere high on your bike. Some of the most common areas are the Rear Passenger Grab bar or Under the seat and the subframe rails. You don't need to secure both loops unless your bike has a ton of plastics like an 1150RT or CanAm Spyder. Those bikes you need to secure bike straps at an angle to support the jug because you are unable to use a strap around the center of the MotoJug because of the plastic.



Attach one of the straps that came with your MotoJug around the center of the bag. There are 2 loop locations on the bag. A higher and a lower. You only need one and you can determine that by placing your cooler in the MotoJug bag and seeing where best to secure the strap. Once again the strap will be long. The best place I have found to secure this center part of the MotoJug is either the Footpeg hanger or the subframe. Hard to tell in the photo but I secured mine on the footpeg hanger in this photo. 


The last step is routing your Hydration line. There are many ways to do this. I personally like to run it along side the bike, below the seat and across the tank to my leg. I've seen some people run it on the outside of their leg. I personally don't like to do it that way as it make getting on and off the bike more difficult. I also like to put a rubber band around the hose near the top then clip my rectractable lanyard to it then attach the Lanyard to one of my tank Bag zippers towards the front. this is not the only way to do this but it's the way I like. I've seen some people hook the Retractable Lanyard to themselves and that works also.

IMG_0230 copy.jpeg